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Over the last few decades, the world and everything in it has changed enormously. Hairstyles changed. Fashions changed. Even cartoon characters evolve over time. But there's still one major area of our lives where so many people are stuck in the past. This is something that billions of people are doing every day - and it happens when people put their fingers on the keyboard to write!

Former secretary from the UK, Shirley is now an international author of many communication and business writing books. In this fun and interactive session, she will take a look at communication styles over different eras, and how so much has changed, yet so much has not changed.

Key Points

  • Communication in different eras. What's changed? What's not?
  • Technology has advanced so much. What about our writing?
  • 1920 or 2020 - what do think?
  • Impress or express - what do you try to do when you write?
  • How many 'voices' do you have? How many do you need?
  • Shirley's 5 keys to writing like it's 2020 not 1920!

All participants will be able to relate to the insights and humorous stories that Shirley shares. While encouraging participants to embrace change as our world becomes even more high-tech, Shirley will encourage everyone to "prove you are human" in more ways than one, especially when you write!

Don't miss this lively, interactive virtual session with Shirley.

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Jul 28, 2020

9:30 AM - 11 AM

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  • Shirley Taylor (Speaker, Trainer, Author)

    Shirley Taylor

    Speaker, Trainer, Author

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