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IME Mini MBA: Business Strategy Module

International Management Education (IME) has offered their signature Mini MBA program since 2017 in Singapore, and now they also give you the opportunity to do it 100% online. The program content and modules are the same as the original Mini MBA – but you get it at less than half of the normal price.

As this is the first time they do the Mini MBA online they give you the opportunity to try this session at no costs and no obligation. So, you can do the first module 'Business Strategy' completely for free. If you then afterwards decide that you want to continue you will receive an invoice for the entire program. If the IME Mini MBA is not for you, you just discontinue. So, signing up is absolutely without any risks.

To join you must be a working adult of minimum 25 years of age, and you must have a minimum of three years of full-time work. There are no other formal requirements. The program will be conducted in English.


The Mini MBA online program starts on Tuesday 23 June 2020, and then continues with 1.5 hours Zoom meetings every Tuesday 8.00 – 9.30PM for 12 weeks.

Learning Outcome:

The Strategy module will focus on the core tools you should have in your strategy toolkit and how to apply them using real-world case studies. You will learn when to apply which tool to its best use, how to best interpret the results, and when to adjust your strategy. By the end of the module you should be able to participate in your organisation's strategy development and formulation.

Module Format:

There are a few, equally important steps in this module:

1. Before the sessions: You will need to prepare yourself for each session of the module by reading and watching the lesson material before meeting in class. Answer the below questions before class.

2. In session: We will not be lecturing on what you have already read or seen. We will focus instead on the application of the different strategy models and tools you will have already familiarized yourself with.

3. Between sessions: Further reading and a short assignment

4. After the sessions: You will be asked to complete a multiple-choice survey to check your own understanding of what was covered in the course material and discussed in class.

Additionally, there will be two Q&A sessions hosted 2 days after each session, where you can ask questions or discuss the class topics in greater detail. This is your time, take advantage of it.

Program for June 23:

7.55pm: Please log on latest 5 minutes before start – we will start precisely

8.00pm: Welcome and brief introduction to the IME Mini MBA – Asger Daugbjerg

8.10pm: Brief introduction by all students (name and work place) - all

8.20pm: Business Strategy session 1 – Daryl Dunbar

9.20pm: Brief summary of today and intro to session on 30 June – Asger Daugbjerg

9.30pm: End


1. You will all receive an invite to the IME Mini MBA June 2020 cohort Slack workspace

2. You will find all materials, including articles, videos etc. on Slack

3. Please prepare yourself for session 1 as per Pre-read document specification

4. Any questions always welcome to contact us

All pre-read and materials will be posted on Slack, so that you always during the entire program have full access it all.

Details and pre-read documents will be sent to you by IME after registration so we encourage you to sign up ahead of the June 23 Business Strategy Module.

Jun 23, 2020

8 PM - 9:30 PM

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