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Contact Person: Mary Rose Antoinette "Maan" Yu
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Event Details

MOST EVERYONE, all of us, make pitches every so often. Spouses pitch for quality time to each other. Parents pitch values upon their children. Kids pitch for freedom and autonomy to parents.

At work, we are almost always pitching our products, projects and services to a crowded marketplace.

Packaging our pitches correctly and pointedly will help us move things along efficiently and fruitfully. Inspired by the book, the Heart of the Close, author and coach Raju Mandhyan will not just walk you through but let you practice making subtle yet powerful pitches with élan and authenticity.


1. List how people intake information

2. Know how you come across through different modalities

3. Design a pitch that has precision and flexibility

4. Deliver with presence and pizzas

5. Assess impact and plan next steps


1. Three Essential about Communications

2. Five part structure of modular pitch

3. Delivering it offline, in mail and on a virtual platform.


Less talk, more interaction, practice and some coaching.

  • Raju Mandhyan (Author, Coach and Trainer)

    Raju Mandhyan

    Author, Coach and Trainer


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